31. October 2023


Why am I supposed to provide credit card details?
In case somebody cancels late, does not show up or reduces the number of guests on a short term we have to charge cancelation fees.


Why cancelation fees have to be charged?
We run a very small restaurant. In order to fullfill our quality standards we order most of all the fresh products on a daily basis and prepare everything exactly for the number of reservations each day. To avoid wasting food and other resources reservations need to be considered binding.


Am I able to cancel a reservation?
Of course, reservations can be canceled or changed 24 hours prior to the reservation. Cancelations are accepted per mail only.


What if I get ill?
Let us know as soon as possible. We will try to resell your table, to prevent cancelation fees being charged. Just bear in mind, that this is a goodwill approach to this situation from our side and there is no guarantee, that it will suceed.


What if less people show up than the table is reserved for?
The difference in people represents a No-show and we have to charge a cancellation fee for each missing person.


Why do you contact me prior to the reservation?
We will approach you via mail a few days prior to your reservation to confirm your table. This is meant to provide you with the possibility to cancel on time or to inform us about dietary restrictions.


Do I have to confirm my reservation?
Yes, please! If you do not confirm your reservation we might get the impression, that you do not plan to attend. In this case we do have the right to cancel your reservation.


Is it possible to reserve a table for a single person?
Of course, single guests will be seated at the Sommelierstable.


What is the Sommelierstable?
You will be seated on highchairs at the bar. Despite being private and intimate, it might not be the perfect setting for a romantic first date. If you appreciate an even more intense experience it sounds perfect for you.


Why is it not possible to make an online reservation for 2?
Probalby all tables for 2 are already booked. Our Sommelierstable isn’t bookable online for larger parties, please call us or write an email to check if it is available.


What does Early bird mean?
On Friday and Saturday we offer two seatings. The Early bird Seating is from 18:00 to 20:00pm, you will get a shorter variation of the total menue. Please show up on time, if you are 15 minutes to late, we have to quit some dishes.


What does Prime time mean?
On Friday and Saturday we offer two seatings. The Prime Time Seating starts at 20:30pm. Please note that we have no waiting area, it is possible that your table is booked before your reservation. So please don’t show up earlier than your reservation time.


Can I bring my kids?
Of course! Please let us know in advance if you need special dishes for your child. Otherwise we will serve our standard menue. Depending on the age of your kids we recommend the Early Bird seating from 18:00 to 20:00 pm.


Is it allowed to bring a dog?
If the dog is well-behaved and will sit under the table it will be ok. Please inform us in advance, so we can provide an appropriate table.


Is there any kind of dresscode?
No, please feel free to wear anything you feel comfortable in.


When are we supposed to show up at the restaurant?
On time of your reservation. Please don’t show up earlier, it is possible that your table is booked before your reservation and we do not have a waiting area.


What if I can‘t arrive in time?
Please inform us as soon as possible. After half an hour without notice we might pass the table to other guests.


When do I have to inform the restaurant about any kind of intolerances or dislikes?
As soon as possible, we should know any kind of changes at least 24 hours ahead, otherwise the experience will be diminished.